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Solar panels

Solar panels are a sustainable and cost-effective way to reduce your energy consumption. The solar panels on your roof ensure that you can provide your own electricity in an environmentally conscious way. So this not only reduces your monthly expenses, but you also contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. This will set you up for an energy-efficient and green future.

We provide quality and expert installation of solar panels. Guaranteed high quality solar panels and expert fast service. In doing so, we also think along with you so that we choose the solution best suited to your situation. This ensures the highest possible efficiency and lifespan of the solar panels. FDY Installations is a member of Garantiefonds ZonZeker, guaranteeing you high-quality solar panels and professional installation by certified installers.

Charging posts

Do you own an electric car? Then having your own home charging station installed can be an interesting choice. This way, you can always be assured of a full battery when you hit the road. In addition, it is an economical choice and, combined with solar panels, also a sustainable way of charging. The way to save costs and be even more sustainable on the road.

Various charging solutions are possible. With a pole, on the wall and with a fixed cable. We think along with you about which solution is best suited to your situation. We install the charging station quickly and professionally. So you can charge your car at home the same day, without waiting, and with green electricity

Air conditioning

Want to cool a room or your entire house? Then an air conditioner is a perfect solution. We offer air conditioning with different brands. We always make sure to come and do an inspection prior to installation so that we can provide you with the best advice.

By the way, did you know that you can also heat your home perfectly with an air conditioner? In addition, there are models that have an air-purifying function in addition to the cooling and heating function. Perfect for people with allergies or hay fever, for example.

FDY Installations provides the total solution for the supply and installation of solar panels, electric charging stations, new meter boxes and battery systems at your home. There is so much information out there about solar panels that it can sometimes be very confusing. That is why we also think with you into which solution best suits your situation. Which solar panels and inverters are suitable and what is needed in the meter box, for example, to get this working. We look at the overall picture and also think about how you can get the investment back as soon as possible recoup.

Heat pumps

Our qualified and experienced installers provide expert installation of your heat pump, taking into account your specific needs and the characteristics of your property. Whether it is an air-water, water-water, or ground-water heat pump, we have the expertise to install the system that best suits your situation.

The benefits of a heat pump are numerous. First of all, using a heat pump reduces your dependence on fossil fuels, reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner future. Moreover, a heat pump offers a highly efficient heating solution, allowing you to save significantly on your energy bills in the long run.

With a heat pump, you also enjoy a comfortable indoor climate, with even heating in winter and cooling in summer. In addition, heat pumps are relatively low-maintenance and long-lasting, resulting in a sustainable investment in the comfort and value of your home or commercial property.

Meter boxes

Using green electricity at home often requires changes to the meter box. We make a complete customised plan so that your meter box can be made ready to use renewable energy. We install a new meter box, adapt the current meter box or connect inverters for the solar panels. This way, you can make optimal use of the green electricity that is generated and, where possible, balance the energy.

Battery systems

Currently, it is still possible to net your green electricity, i.e. deliver it back to the energy company. This means that all the power generated is put to good use and you can save extra money with your solar panels. From 2025 onwards, the option to balance will gradually be reduced and disappear altogether in 2031.

A good option then is to install battery systems in the home. These systems allow you to store the generated solar energy. In the winter months, you generate less energy, so you want to use that energy carefully. You generate energy during the day, but you will need the power mainly in the evening. The generated energy can be stored in the battery system so that it can be used in the evening. This way, you still make the best use of the generated power and the saving and sustainable benefits of solar energy. By having the battery systems for your solar panels installed on time, you will be ready for the future.

Service & maintenance

At FDY Installations, we go beyond installation; we also offer comprehensive service and maintenance for your heating and cooling systems. Our dedicated team of experienced technicians is ready to ensure that your systems continue to perform optimally, year after year.

With regular maintenance of your heating and cooling systems, you can detect and prevent problems early, minimising unplanned downtime. Moreover, proper maintenance ensures that your systems continue to operate efficiently, resulting in lower energy costs and a longer lifespan of the installations.

Our service contracts are flexible and can be tailored to your specific needs and budget. Whether you need periodic checks, repairs or 24/7 emergency assistance, at FDY Installations you can count on fast and reliable high-level service.

Choose peace of mind and reliability with FDY Installations' service and maintenance services. Contact us today to find out how we can help you get the most out of your heating and cooling systems.

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